• 2013年、3,000人のエントリーの中から選出された、【Queen of J-POP】を目指す3人組多様性ダンスボーカルユニット。
    2017年10月20日、300人規模の渋谷GladでのワンマンライブはSOLD OUT

    color-code is a dance vocal unit consists of three girls with diversity who are aiming to be “Queens of J-POP”. They were chosen out of 3,000 candidates in 2013. MAKO is a girl who grabs people’s eyes and hearts with her unconstrained voice and attractive smile. MARISA is a girl who looks like an innocent angel but also has a secret evil side that is tempting many people. NANAMI is a girl who has an overwhelmed beauty in her unique husky singing voice and rapping style that everyone admits. In 2017, all the tickets were sold out for their solo live performance held on the 20th October at SHIBUYA Glad that can fit more than 300 audiences. In 2018, they have announced to release their first single through their newly signed label Dreamusic Inc. in April, and their two solo live performances held in Tokyo and Osaka in May 2018 went very successful. They are now releasing a venue limited edition single in October and will have a solo live performance at Shibuya O-nest in November as a commemoration. The three colored intensive personalities keep causing chemical reactions!